The EH team

Team ID: 2516653

Swimrun ranking: 708

Current swimrun ranking points: 60

Sprint ranking: Unranked

Current sprint ranking points: 0

Member 1: Sophia Chadwick (1665197)

Member 2: Brian Mc ardle (1480831)

Class: Mixed

Swimrun ranking results

Race Position Finish time Rank points Current rank points *
ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Isles of Scilly 2018 86 07:14:33 241 60

This team currently has no Sprint ranking results.

  • Your points will devalue with 75% after 365 days from getting them, after 24 months they will disappear completely.
    Your six (6) best points over the last 24 month period will count towards your ranking (this means that devalued points might be exchanged for more current points)